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[blockquote]”Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” ~ James Beard[/blockquote]

When you go to a festival one of the greatest pleasures is the food. I’m not talking about your everyday fare, but of the many tasty treats that most of us associate with this type of event. You know what I mean, when you go to the movies you eat popcorn, when you go to the ballgame its peanuts and at the festival it’s, well I will let you fill in the “blank” with your favorite thing.

For me it’s more like favorites. Do I really have to choose between the deep fried funnel cakes covered in powdered sugar, gooey sweet cotton candy that melts on my tongue, soft salty pretzels dipped in tangy mustard, icy snow cones drenched in blue-raspberry syrup…? Oh sorry, I went dreamy. But really, did you fill in that blank with just one thing?

Festival foods are quick, easy and fun to eat. It doesn’t matter if it is served on a stick or in a cone, on a plate or wrapped in paper, the only other thing you need to enjoy these divine delights are your fingers (and maybe a few napkins).

There are so many rich tasting mouth watering choices how could you pick just one? Well I say don’t! Indulge; let yourself be tempted by the aromas that fill the air and the joyous atmosphere that surrounds you. It’s all part of the nostalgia. Go eat some fun food!

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