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Do you attend the Parker Days festival every year? Many of the families in Parker and its surrounding areas do. What is it that keeps you all coming back for more? It might be one thing or it might be many, but we want to know.

Is it the carnival and all of the fun rides that give you a rush and have you waiting in line over and over? Maybe it is the entertainment like the live bands that have you swinging your hips and shaking your booty. It might be kid’s stage where you get to see all those little ones strut their stuff.

Do you love the food? Is there one thing that you just have to eat every time you go? Is it salty or sweet, maybe both, but it has your mouth watering just thinking about it.

For all of you shoppers out there the market place might be your favorite. Is there a certain vendor whom you visit each year because they offer something special and unique? Can’t wait to see what is new? Is there something that you haven’t seen but would like to?

If the parade is your favorite what do you like the best about it? Is it the noises, the colors from the floats or the performers? Do you just love a good parade…why?

It could be you like the camaraderie and being there with family and friends or that going to the festival is just a darn good time.

Please visit our facebook page and let us know everything you love about Parker Days and what makes it is a great community festival.

Mark your 2014 calendars for June 13, 14, and 15.

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