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Are you a crafter, independent contractor or part of a non-profit organization? With over 100,000 people expected to come through Parker Days this year and close to 300 booths available, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Being a vendor is an awesome way to promote yourself and your business. It puts you in direct contact with the people and gives you the chance to show them what separates you and your business from the rest.

Come and set up a booth. Bring plenty of business cards, brochures, catalogs and anything else with your name on it that you want to hand out. Make sure you have a plan for collecting the names, phone numbers and addresses of your potential clients so that you have a way to follow up on your leads.

Host a drawing and/or a giveaway by doing something fun and getting the people involved. Have a bean bag toss, a trivia contest or a guess how many “items” are in the jar etc. Use your imagination and let it reflect your personality. Dress up your booth by using bright colored tablecloths and display things so they are easy to see.

Let people know you appreciate that they stopped by your booth by offering a free sample or a percentage off their next order or service, whatever pertains to your individual business. It shows that you value their time and look forward to seeing them again.

If you are interested in being a vendor please click here to go to the vendor page.

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